• Pole Dancing Warm-up

    In the past two months we’ve been learning some exciting pole dancing moves and techniques. On Monday, we shot some video of my warm-up incorporating many of these and showing some transitions from one maneuver to the next. The song we played in the background was actually Exes & Oh’s by Ellie King, but for copyright […]

  • Top 20 Pole Jams

    Here’s the top 20 pole dancing jams at the moment … what are your favorites?

    20. Lady Grinning Soul – David Bowie

    19. Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson

    18. Bitch better have my money – Rihanna

    17. Counting Bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums – A Perfect Circle

    16. E.T. – Katy Perry

    15. Figure 8 – Elie Goulding

    14. […]

  • Top 5 Frequently Overlooked Arm Exercises

    Pole dancing is the most difficult strength training that a person can possibly do. We are always looking to find new ways to keep our bodies guessing, so our muscles are always prepared for the intense uphill battle that is pole fitness.

    Here are five everyday arm exercises that will work out your hands and arms for […]

  • Check out the latest video from our Pole Dancing Intro Class

    Here are just a few clips from pole dancing intro class on 08/27/2015 at The Volta Studio. 6 ladies, 1 instructor, 6 poles, and 2 camera dudes. Q Branch is testing out a prototype camera system which can shoot stable, high-definition film while moving quickly in any direction during an action sequence.

    Music: THE̶ C̛R̨UX̀ by […]

  • Top Ten Real Pole Fitness Struggles

    10- Wearing shorts to class that you can’t jack up, so you start wondering, “Are my underwear fancy enough?”

    9- Your boss sees the bruises on your arms and legs, and begins insinuating to others that you’re in an abusive relationship.

    8- The blisters on your hand won’t callous properly because you insist on continuing the use […]